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Greedy corporate businessman crushing and exploiting earth

The fourth Industrial Revolution is here and you should be prepared

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality (AR/VR) will play a big role in the fourth revolution. It will touch every part of our lives in a way we’ve never seen before. These technologies are a way to make sure that the digital and physical worlds aren’t too different.


Booting Up ReadyPlayerJS

The Metaverse is transformative. It is the next major leap into the future, and it will happen, but at what cost?

Well, think about someone having the ability to cut off your livelihood with a mere button. Therefore I find being educated about the technologies and what’s happening in front and behind the scenes to be the most important factor in mitigating a disastrous technological revolution.

Unfortunately or fortunately, however you look at it, most people I know have little knowledge of what the metaverse is and the current capabilities for us to dynamically interact with each other. As the return on the  monumental investments made by these top companies begin to catch up to their tech, we will see more and more people use this tech in their business and daily lives while unknowingly relinquishing their private data. 

There is not only speculation, It is facts not to be ignored that this seismic shift to a digital world will exponentially increases the transfer of our real-world identities into digital identities. Our current technology has an amazing ability to capture our private data and share it, where it then is sold off to be used in tools to manipulate our decision making. 

I find value in this technology, but I am hesitant to run into it blindly with the current tech giants globalism ideologies and anti-liberty policies. 

My passion for learning and developing has evolved into a mission to stay up to date, learn, and investigate what’s happening and to share it unbiased, but in simplest terms.


We Encourage The Change

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