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How to get ‘metaverse ready’: bringing your business to the metaverse

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So what's the Metaverse and why should I care to prepare for it?

With the tech advancing so fast, it’s easy to get left behind. 

There’s no need to panic. As a developer for VR/AR platforms, I will give you inside insight to the current advancements in the industry and how they’re going to shape our future as society begins to adapt to the technologies.

Blockchain, decentralized computation, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are viewed by many as the beginning of a new internet. They see it as a new frontier where gaming, social interaction, mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) come together to create experiences that blur the line between the real and digital worlds.

For other people, this is just futuristic “technobabble” from tech nerds and sci-fi fans.

Don't panic, we’re tracking and updating

The skeptics are mistaken. I’ve tried experiences in the metaverse for myself. My inner entrepreneur has been rife with concepts based on the obvious opportunities for early adopters in this sector ever since I started.

Although there won’t be a complete metaverse this year—far from it—you can still anticipate significant progress in the enabling technological pillars and expanding activity pockets across core platforms and communities.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get started in this new world.

On the event day, guests made their way up the stairs beyond the gallery to the teleportation zone to access the 10th Floor Metaverse venue. The 10th floor contained a gigantic interactive screen that sat beyond the show stage, burger seats for the attendees, swag areas for McDonald’s fun wearables, super-sized product placement throughout, and other social regions.

Step 1: Accept Progression

Even if you are unable to see it yet, we should first acknowledge that the metaverse presents a significant opportunity for your company.

It’s a good time to agree on your company’s ethical stance and conduct in virtual worlds. Your customers’ perceptions of the real world will be altered by increasingly immersive and influential metaverse experiences. Because these activities will be enjoyed by our children, consider the world we are creating and be responsible when setting marketing goals.

Step 2: Research Opportunity

Prior to a few months ago, only serious fans of science fiction were aware of the term metaverse. The entire world is talking about it right now. We became engrossed in this futuristic technology and the opportunities it might offer individuals and businesses, despite not necessarily comprehending what the metaverse is.

Mcdonalds Creates first Metaverse Digital Twin

“What better place to host a Metaverse awards show than in a virtual version of the McDonald’s HQ in Chicago? A Digital Twin of the HQ was built, complete with a nighttime skyline and golden carpet spawn point, taking show attendees into the beautiful lobby of the building that led to the video gallery of award nominees. The Odyssey platform was ideal for delivering a virtual world that integrates McDonald’s brand and marketing assets in the highest-fidelity environment.

To assist with onboarding, orientation, and pre-show awareness, the team gave the attendees early access to the ground floor of the HQ with streaming videos, proximity play triggers, and a beautifully branded environment, setting the scene for the upcoming event. The streaming videos in the video gallery area showcased each award category nominee for the guests as they strolled through the environment up to the newly metaversed 10th floor.”

Step 3: Strategize & Plan

How can your company participate in this market to provide new value-added products and services or a better customer experience? Similar to any other digital channel, the metaverse requires an investment-justifying ROI model and a clear strategy.

Create a map of your customers’ journeys and interactions with your brand, and then consider ways in which the metaverse could enhance these experiences and interactions.

How can metaverse technologies engage your intended audience in novel ways and foster a positive brand association? Think about how the new tools you have at your disposal can help you showcase your products more effectively, provide a better customer experience, and cultivate customer loyalty.

There are numerous opportunities for product placement, sponsorship, and advertising in the metaverse. Consider purchasing virtual real estate by locating the platforms where your target audience congregates.

Step 4 : Try it out

Find a low-cost, low-risk way to get your foot in the door of the metaverse. For instance, you could host a virtual event or work with a partner who is already there to leverage their knowledge of value-added products, services, or content.

Rich development kits and tools for creating your own virtual worlds are available on most platforms to help you with your projects. Some even have foundations through which they will provide funding to projects that will assist in expanding their reach and ecosystem.

Don’t feel like you need to do everything internally. Contact agencies, vendors, and platforms that can be of assistance. Partnerships are driving the rapid growth of the metaverse.

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